faṣabrun jamīl

Size: 14×24
Calligraphy: “فصبر جميل”
Transliteration: “faṣabrun jamīl”
Meaning: “Beautiful patience.”
From: Quran 12: 18


I am one who really struggles when it comes to patience. I like things to be clear and to know what to anticipate when I’m in a waiting game. Unfortunately, things can sometimes be up in the air with my sickness. I have no clue what triggers a relapse or how long my treatment will last. The doctors don’t have answers for me most of the time.

I chose this verse to remind myself before others of the impotence of patience. And with Allah (SWT), we should not just have patience but beautiful patience. We have to (although extremely challenging) try to have trust in Allah and know that good will come after enduring hardship and that there is a reward for gratitude and perseverance.

May Allah make the hardships we endure easy and grant us beautiful patience in His plans and wisdom.