at times,
life feels like total chaos,
with goals and dreams slipping from my fingers,
like water escaping my hands though i carefully and consciously try to contain it,
taking small steps towards my destination,
except, sometimes i don’t know the directions,
which train should i take,
and which station,
further lost i get,
i pause for a moment,
gazing on the reflection of myself in the small amount of water left in my hands,
at this point,
i realize it’s better to use it than lose it,
so i splash it on my face,
and let the coolness of the fresh air wake me up from the stubbornness of my head,
it is at times like these,
where i get a true perspective of life,
to understand that sometimes,
our goals and dreams don’t go with the set plan we had in mind,
it doesn’t always go the way we want,
or according to our preferred timeline,
but rather,
it goes by a perfect plan from the One and Only,
planner of this whole universe,
it is at times like these,
that i realize,
that as long as i have the courage, will and trust to work on it,
guidance will be given,
and by that i shall continue going,
with faith my journey shall be driven,
but alas,
i then soon come to realize,
that my trust is easily broken,
as i step in situations of confusion,
it is then,
that i take many steps backwards,
in worries of the blurriness ahead,
                           –  if only i trusted.

Photo by: Maryam Lary