on a trip to the mountains,
two lovers sat on golden sand,
holding on to each other,
hand in hand,
gazed at the mountains,
the blue sky with fluffy white clouds,
taken by the sound of water,
in absolute silence,
from morning until the sky was brushed,
with golden, orange, and pink hues,
one inhaled the fresh air,
the other exhaled and said,
one can never get tired of this view,
but we shall head back,
tomorrow we go back to our daily routine,
i wish we’d never had to leave this scene,
both stand up,
still gazing at the mountains,
while they slowly collect their belongings,
did we leave anything behind? he said,
she held his hand and with a soft voice she whispered,
the most important thing,
looking around,
looked once,
all over, twice,
you can’t see it? well, most people can’t,
between the awe of the mountains,
the wonders of the sky,
the sound of water,
cleansing the heart,
my loved one,
left behind, 
our souls,

Photo by: Maryam Lary