O Friday prayer,
you come with so much hope and peace,
to Muslims whom with love and peace themselves adorn,
a blessed day for us,
yet, on this one, we mourn,

for all the innocent killed so meaningless,
our hearts are shattered and torn,
to all the families in their grief,
i wish hate was never born,

why crush the beauty and destroy the peace?
why do we humans never learn?
that hate is an evil spell,
and for love, we now must yearn,

allow me to pray for your family as mine,
though I don’t know your names,
i just pray that your pain shall be healed someday somehow,
and that one day with love,
humanity will shine,

O people of New Zealand,
let your land not be stained by this horrific scene,
spread love and kindness,
like you always did,
may your land be forever green.

Drawing by: Maryam Lary