i sing to you my unborn child,
as you grow strong and wild,
as the calamities of this world have piled,
with every thought of you, I smiled,

O my child,
i hope you grow as a good seed,
with no ego, and no greed,
help the people in need,
chase the opportunity of a good deed,

O my child,
this world may be tough,
i may fail explaining some stuff,
but one thing is sure enough,
your creator will be there, when times are rough,

O my child,
i want you to grow strong,
my dear use your power to do no wrong,
make kindness and love your loudest song,
for you I wish a meaningful life, so long,

O my child,
we don’t understand all life decrees,
sometimes life gets you on your knees,
so seek guidance till you find the keys,
and don’t forget “With hardship comes ease”

Drawing by: Maryam Lary